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Managing and supplying high-quality international seafarers

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Recruit, train, manage and supply seafarers to stable markets around the world with high incomes and the best regime.

1. Introduction to Sumaser - DHT Company

Sumaser - DHT is a leading company in the field of supplying high-quality seafarers.

We have set our vision, mission, and core values to meet the training and supply needs of professional seafarers, providing global employment opportunities for seafarers, creating a professional working environment, and providing timely support to seafarers wherever they may be.

2. Sumaser - DHT's Seafarer Supply Services

2.1. Seafarer Selection Standards

We apply strict standards in the recruitment and evaluation process of seafarers to ensure the highest quality and meet all requirements of partners and shipowners.

Each seafarer must meet specific professional requirements and skills, especially those related to their job position.

While we maintain rigorous selection procedures, Sumaser - DHT strives to arrange the most suitable jobs for seafarers based on their qualifications, providing maximum opportunities for inexperienced seafarers.

2.2. Experienced and Highly Skilled Seafarer Team

Established in 2010, Sumaser - DHT Joint Stock Company has connected with a network of over 2000 seafarers, all of whom are highly experienced and have undergone systematic training throughout the country.

Among these seafarers are various positions required for different types of vessels. Therefore, we can fully meet the requirements of all ship positions and perform various tasks and responsibilities.

2.3. Commitment to Quality and Continuous Support

2.3.1. Ensuring Seafarer Compliance with Safety Regulations on board

As mentioned, seafarers provided by Sumaser - DHT Joint Stock Company have undergone comprehensive and continuous training. Thus, they can meet all requirements and comply with global maritime regulations throughout their voyages.

2.3.2. Prompt and Effective Support and Issue Resolution

We are always ready to support and resolve any issues faced by seafarers or partners throughout their voyages.

Our support process is designed to ensure efficiency and maximum satisfaction from customers and shipowners, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.

2.3.3. Building Long-Term Partner Relationships

During our collaboration and operations, Sumaser - DHT Joint Stock Company prioritizes trust. Our goal is not only to complete one or two orders for our partners but also to establish a close and long-lasting relationship, always ensuring two key points:

  • When partners need seafarers, we can promptly provide high-quality seafarers.
  • We can always arrange suitable jobs for all seafarers according to their position requirements.

Professionalism and Reputation

3.1. Experience of over 10 years in the crew supply industry

With over 10 years of experience in this field, we have a deep understanding of the requirements and trends of the international maritime industry. This enables us to meet all demands and provide the highest level of professionalism to our customers.

3.1.2. Recognized as one of the leading companies in the field

Sumaser - DHT has been recognized as one of the leading companies in the training and supply of crew members. We take pride in the reputation and credibility we have built over time. Whenever the address 5A Võ Thị Sáu, Máy Tơ, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng is mentioned, every seafarer remembers a quality crew supply company.

3.1.3. Always ready to support and advise crew members and partners

We are committed to always being ready to support and advise our crew members and partners. We understand that the success of the crew members is the satisfaction of our partners.

3.2. Extensive network of partners and customers

3.2.1. Collaborating with renowned international shipping companies

We have built a large network of partners with many renowned international shipping companies. This allows us to provide high-quality services and meet all the requirements of our customers, as well as create the best working environment for all crew members who come to us.

3.2.2. Building long-term and reliable partnerships

As mentioned, we consider each partner as a long-term and reliable partner. We are committed to building sustainable and trustworthy relationships with all our partners, always putting the interests of customers and crew members as the guiding principles for all company activities.

4. Vision and commitment of Sumaser - DHT

4.1. Vision of Sumaser - DHT

Our vision is to become a leading company in the field of training and supplying crew members in the international market. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of service to achieve this goal.

4.2. Enhancing quality and industry standards

We are committed to continuously improving the quality and industry standards in the process of training and supplying crew members. We believe that professionalism and high quality will make a difference and lead to success.

4.3. Commitment of Sumaser - DHT

4.3.1. Quality commitment

Ensuring the highest quality in training and supplying crew members. We are committed to ensuring excellent quality in training and supplying crew members to meet all the requirements of our customers.

4.3.2. Commitment to improving service quality

We will continuously improve and enhance our processes and standards to achieve this. We are committed to building long-term and reliable partnerships with our customers and partners. The satisfaction and success of our customers are our top priorities.

4.3.3. Continuous development and innovation

We are committed to continuous development and innovation to meet the changes and advancements in the crew supply service industry, as well as to continuously support and improve the working environment and lives of seafarers on board. We will continue to strive and invest to achieve excellence and superiority in all aspects of our work.

These are the basic information about Sumaser - DHT company and the high-quality crew supply services we provide. If you have any specific questions or requests, please let us know so that we can assist you.

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