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Recruitment and Training of Seafarers

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Specializing in recruiting and training seafarers with the aim of contributing to the development of a strong Vietnamese seafaring workforce both in terms of quality and quantity, in order to enhance competitiveness with seafarers from other countries in the region and around the world

Opportunities and Excellent Environment for Seafarers at Our Company

1. About Our Company: Sumaser - DHT Corporation

We take pride in providing career opportunities and a favorable environment for seafarers at our company. Joining Sumaser - DHT means seafarers enter a highly professional environment along with the benefits and opportunities the company offers.

Sumaser - DHT Corporation was established in 2010 and has over 12 years of experience in international crewing and management. We are proud of our scale and reputation in the industry. With a strong foundation and our expertise, we have become a reliable partner, ensuring all seafarers have the best jobs, high income, and an ideal environment for sustainable career development.

2. Sumaser - DHT Corporation offers ideal positions and careers

2.1. Recruitment Positions

At our company, we provide a wide range of diverse recruitment positions for seafarers. From the position of captain, chief officer, marine engineer, to able seaman and technical staff, each position has its own responsibilities. The variety of recruitment positions allows seafarers to choose the job that suits their abilities and personal interests.


2.2. Career Opportunities and Development

The positions offered by Sumaser - DHT include various positions onboard, from the captain, chief officer, chief engineer, to seafarers at all ranks. Our policy is to create the best conditions so that after each voyage, seafarers gain the most experience, allowing them to mature and advance their careers, aiming for higher positions in subsequent voyages.

2.3. High and Stable Salaries

We understand that salary is an important factor in attracting and retaining talented seafarers. With an attractive and fair salary system, we commit to ensuring stability and reliability. Seafarers receive timely payments, with the earliest salary payment possible, as well as other welfare benefits. We value the dedication of seafarers and ensure that their efforts and contributions are duly recognized.

3. Favorable Environment for Seafarers

3.1. Quality and Experienced Seafarer Team

During our 12 years of operation and development, Sumaser - DHT Corporation has built good relationships with thousands of seafarers. Therefore, when new seafarers join a vessel and work, they will receive dedicated guidance from the quality seafarer team, creating the best conditions for the development of seafarers, especially those with less experience.


3.2. Continuous Support Team

In addition to the support team, Sumaser - DHT Corporation also has a dedicated and responsible support team available to assist seafarers 24/7 throughout the voyage. This helps seafarers work with peace of mind and ensures the safest completion of the journey.

4. Summary of Crew Management and Recruitment at Sumaser - DHT Corporation

In conclusion, our company offers seafarers a range of valuable benefits and career opportunities. From career development opportunities to an excellent working environment and attractive welfare policies, we are creating favorable conditions for seafarers to explore and grow in the international maritime industry.

We invite interested seafarers to learn more about our company and submit their applications. Discover career opportunities at our company today!

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